Come and hear what our customers and the greater community have to say about our services.

We are proud of our reputation in providing care and support to those who need it the most and our level of dedication and support in unmatched.

…the senior staff of ADS Care has had a long history of working in this field, and from what I have observed this agency is well down the track of adopting the spirit and the practices required to ensure that people will be supported to achieve the life activities they have chosen.

Professor Emeritus
Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

I have found ADS Care to have competitive prices, respond to our challenging needs and have thorough industry knowledge. I would recommend ADS Care as an agency for respite or service needs.

Commonwealth Respite Cumberland Prospect

I am very pleased with the service provided by ADS Care. Meredith has been exceptionally helpful and very accommodating in everything that she has organised for me and mum. With the support of ADS Care mum has been able to have outings and spend time with family more…………Friendly, Helpful, Caring

Our ladies recently attended an information session by ADS Care. We found the detailed talk very useful and for some ladies very new. They are very knowledgeable and very caring and supportive to the many questions the ladies had.

The Hills Local Ladies Group

Thank you for sending through this fantastic update on the recipient’s progress with his morning routine courtesy of the hard work from the ADS Care Staff.

You have done a wonderful job in facilitating the recipient’s transition to accepting increased support and to re-building improved rapport between the family as part of the household morning routine.

Thank you to your team for all of their assistance and hard work in supporting the recipient and Carer

You and your staff have done a wonderful job across all aspects of this support service, and it means we are now able to continue building on the advances in the recipients support and independence at home.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful work – it has been a pleasure to work alongside you and your team of staff!!

Behaviour Support Practitioner